April 27 – lunch

1667 – John Milton (1608 – 1674) sells the copy-rite for the epic poem “Paradise Lost” for 10 British Pounds (roughly $2300 usd). Please note this is the same year it was first published. By this point in his life, Milton had supported the Parliament during the English Civil War, went into hiding during the Monarchy Restoration, was briefly imprisoned and survived the Great Plague.

Take a moment and read it at Dartmoth Reading Room


We are off to Dino’s Gyros

Get There

Small restaurant, so follow Pecos Rules (be there by 11’ish or you are waiting in a long line)

The famed “Hello Kitty” camera is available for all to use, assuming film supplies are available.

Lunch spot requests are always welcome.

Feel free to forward this to whomever, names to distribution upon request (and email being provided)


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