Lunch: April 13

1612 – Miyamoto Musashi,author of “The Book of Five RIngs” and “Dokkodo“, defeats Sasaki Kojirō at Funajima island. Sasaki Kojirō, who was known as “The Demon of the Western Provinces” and who wielded a nodachi, the Japanese great sword. Musashi came late and unkempt to the appointed place. The duel was short with Musashi killing his opponent with a bokken that legend says he had carved from an oar used on the boat that carried him to the island.

Public Domain Work – Musashi Miyamoto with two Bokken (wooden quarterstaves)

We are off to Mikou Teriyaki

Get There

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Small restaurant, so follow Pecos Rules (be there by 11’ish or you are waiting in a long line)

The famed “Hello Kitty” camera is available for all to use, assuming film supplies are available.

Lunch spot requests are always welcome.

Feel free to forward this to whomever, names to distribution upon request (and email being provided)


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