Lunch Feb 9th

1942 – Daylight Savings Time is re-instated year round as an energy savings during World War II. My personal feelings aside, this is another interesting read. But you can all blame soeme guy hunting bugs for losing and hour every spring.

We are off to Uncle Eddie’s (again). Last week’s viewing says that it will be open. (if it is not for whatever reason, we will meet one door over at Tasty’s).

Get There

8601 14th Ave S

Seattle, WA 98108

Parking looks like it is on the street. Still working to confirm

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Small restaurant, so follow Pecos Rules (be there by 11’ish or you are waiting in a long line)

The famed “Hello Kitty” camera is available for all to use, assuming film supplies are available.

Lunch spot requests are always welcome.

Feel free to forward this to whomever, names to distribution upon request (and email being provided)




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