Lunch – June 9

1973 – Secretariat wins the Triple Crown

This is new to use, never have tried it yet. Deep in the heart of RAT city is:

NOTE: from the White Center site:

During WWII, White Center garnered the nickname: Rat City. The possible origins of this name are diverse. The local wartime military establishment was called the Reserve Army Training Center or the Recruitment and Training Center, depending on who tells the story. Often the military would designate an area out-of-bounds for servicemen, and these areas were designated Restricted Alcohol Territory. Some people recall that the youth at the Southgate Skate Center were known as rink rats. Whatever the source, the name Rat City was coined and has stuck throughout the years. Many in White Center hang on to the moniker with pride. Rodents had nothing to do with it.

And from History

Resident Martha Stevens recalls a different effect on wartime White Center: “Servicemen unleashed from duty would spend a great deal of money and drink to excess causing many fights” (Knapp and Young, PAGE). Dances were “not always under control” (Knapp and Young, 92). Another resident, Melvin Larson (b. 1914), remembered that when he waited for the bus home from 1st Avenue in downtown Seattle, he was frequently approached by soldiers and sailors who invariably asked the same question: “How do you get to White Center?”

Get there

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Small restaurant, so follow Pecos Rules (be there by 11’ish or you are waiting in a long line)

The famed “Hello Kitty” camera is available for all to use, assuming film supplies are available.

Feel free to forward this to whomever, names to distribution upon request (and email being provided)



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